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Planning for social and emotional learning can feel overwhelming added on top of everything else we have to teach. This course provides you with the tools and mindset you need to boost your lessons to include social and emotional learning confidently.

Why We Created This CourseTo empower teachers to integrate social and emotional learning on an everyday basis. 

Description: SEL Connected: Planning for Everyday Social and Emotional Learning will demystify SEL so that you can feel confident integrating it consistently in your classroom. You’ll use this knowledge to boost a lesson to help your students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to enhance their social, emotional, and academic learning. This course takes about three to five hours depending on your learning style.


  1. Increase your understanding of social and emotional learning (SEL) in practice.
  2. Reflect on current teaching practice and student ability to identify areas for growth.
  3. Become intentional about integrating SEL into everyday content to enhance student learning. 
  4. Develop a lesson that integrates SEL with core class content.

Who Should Enroll:

  • K-12 Educators from all content areas and school backgrounds (public, private, charter)
  • Leaders or Instructional Coaches invested in learning and developing a supportive school-wide culture & practices that support an SEL mindset.

Recommended PrerequisitesFamiliarity with CASEL SEL Framework

What's Included:

Examples exercises, readings, templates & videos


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Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2


    • Chapter Introduction

    • Review CASEL 5 from SEL Connected

    • CASEL 5 from SEL Connected Download

    • Meet the Reflection Tool

    • Self-Reflection Tool Download

    • Priority Setting

  • 3

    Selecting a Strategy

    • Chapter Introduction

    • Selecting a Strategy to Fit Your Goals

    • Let's Practice: Matching Strategies to Goals Directions

    • Let's Practice: Matching Strategies to Goals

    • Predicting Outcomes

    • More Strategies

    • SEL Resource Strategies Blog Post

    • Let's Reflect on Our Learning

  • 4

    Boosting a Lesson

    • Chapter Introduction

    • Learn About the SEL Booster

    • Success Criteria Checklist (Downloadable in Upper Right Corner)

    • Let's Practice: Directions for Improving Sample Lesson Boosters

    • Let's Practice: Improving a 4th Grade Lesson Booster

    • Let's Practice: Improving a 4th Grade Lesson Booster Recommendations

    • Let's Practice: Improving a High School Lesson Booster

    • Let's Practice: Improving a High School Lesson Booster Recommendations

    • Create Your Own SEL Lesson Booster

    • SEL Lesson Booster Template

    • Thing to Consideration

  • 5

    Next Steps & Reflection

    • Chapter Introduction

    • Final Tips for Implementation

    • Post-implementation Reflection Questions

    • Inquiry Question Reflection

    • Closing

  • 6

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